Toilet Training Tips and Tricks

Toilet Training Tips and Tricks

There is no right or wrong way to toilet train your child. You may choose to use an adult toilet from day one or you may opt for a small potty when your child turns two.  However, the Continence Foundation of Australia has shared some tips to help parents with the toilet training trial and error process.

When do you start? 

Some research suggests starting toilet training between 18 and 24 months, while other research suggests between 24 and 27 months. You are the best judge; if your child can stay dry for two hours or stay dry after their afternoon nap, follow simple commands and pull their pants up and down, you might consider starting.

Are they ready? 

Children instinctively start mimicking their parents and siblings, and from about the age of 18 months your child is big enough to climb a step-up frame and sit on an adult toilet seat (with insert).  Let them climb up; it doesn’t matter if they’re not interested in doing anything, but more about familiarising themselves with sitting on the toilet.

Know your child

Timing is also the key as to when to take them to the toilet; the best times are when they get up in the morning, straight after meals or snacks, and after their afternoon nap.  Better still, if your child has a regular time when they open their bowel, it is a good idea to put them on then.

Keep the end goal in mind

Stay positive. Clean ups need to be done calmly with no fuss, and it is okay to take a break if things get too stressful.

Every child is different. It took me several months to fully toilet train my son but the mess was minimal while my daughter picked it up in three days, after continuously weeing on the floor for a weekend straight. The bottom line is that you need to take it in stride. While you should take the lead, it’s important to let your child guide you along the way too.