Tips For Getting Around Hong Kong


One of the things that many families are concerned about when travelling to another country is transport – how will you get from A to B with minimal stress and costs?

We recently ventured to Hong Kong and were more than surprised with how easy and amazing the transport system is. We hardly waited at all to get to our next location.

Trains are seamless, buses are a plenty, and taxis are really affordable.

Getting Around

Octopus Cards ( are the best way to use public transport and can be used on trains, buses, some ferries, trams and even taxi’s. You can also use it at a hospital and over 450 other service providers- even McDonalds!

It’s basically a form of currency whereby you put money on the card, and off you go. You can top up in many locations, check your balance, and it saves you buying endless tickets for things. You just tap and walk through.

Octopus Cards - Hong Kong

Airport Express Link is one of the world’s leading airport railway systems. There is a free bus that picks up from major hotels every 12 minutes to take you to the station.

Airport Express Link - Hong Kong

Taxis are really well priced in Hong Kong and easy to find. Most taxi stands give you an indication of price to check out before your trip. Just make sure you use a registered taxi driver.

Train is by far the best and fastest way to get around. The train system is really easy to navigate. All you need to know is which colour line you need to be on, and in which direction you are going. Check out the map HERE.

Big Bus Tours are great fun to jump on with the kids. You can purchase tours online or you may see representatives on the street. Plus, these tours offer a free return Star Ferry trip.

The buses are double deckers and some have an open roof for an amazing view. This is a hop on hop off type tour that has a few routes and covers all the major tourism hot spots. It is a great way to get around in one day if you aren’t as confident with the trains.

Big Bus Tours - Hong Kong

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