Things Stay At Home Dads Are Tired Of Hearing

Things Stay At Home Dads Are Tired Of Hearing

There’s a lot of stereotypes about stay at home dads floating around. Which ones are correct and which ones are not? Well, here are some things stay at home dads sure are tired of hearing…

1. “I wish I could stay home and have fun all day.” Being a stay at home parent is a full-time job; except you work overtime and you don’t get paid for any of it. Cooking, cleaning, and raising children is barely “having fun all day.”

2. “Men would rather be at work.” Not true. While some fathers have no choice but to stay at home and raise the kids, some make the choice consciously and love being a stay at home dad.

3. “His spouse would probably rather be at home.” Assuming a woman would rather stay at home to clean and take care of the kids is falling into an old stereotype. Many mums nowadays are going to work and advancing their career while dad stays home to take care of the kids. It’s not that unusual!

4. “Dads can’t have as special a bond with their children as mothers can.” Definitely not true! Both mums and dads form bonds with their children that are just as strong, just different. After all, Mummy and Daddy are two different people.

5. “He must have lost his job.” While this might be true, it’s not good to make assumptions. Besides – losing a job can be out of somebody’s hands.

6. “He must be lazy.” Again, running around all day everyday to take care of the house and the kids isn’t being lazy in the slightest; most stay at home Dads WISH they could have a day to relax!

7. “He’s probably not masculine.” Parenting and looking after children have nothing to do with masculinity, and both Mums and Dads are just as capable of raising children.

Sure, stay at home dads may be a little uncommon – but they are on the rise, and just because they’re dads doesn’t mean they don’t work as hard! This is to all you hard-working dads out there, keep it up!