Things are about to heat up!

Things are about to heat up!

Whitsunday Regional Council is urging local residents to take precautions ahead of a heatwave expected to impact parts of the Whitsunday Region in the next few days.

Mayor Jenny Whitney said that the Bureau of Meteorology was forecasting severe to extreme heatwave conditions in much of northern and central Queensland, particularly from Friday 22 January to Monday 25 January.

“Extreme heat is dangerous to everyone, but babies and young children, the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions are all considered to be particularly at-risk and vulnerable,” Mayor Whitney said.

“We urge residents and visitors in the Whitsunday Region to keep cool where possible and take plenty of water if they are heading outdoors since dehydration can cause severe health problems,” she said.

“There are a number of measures that you can take to prepare and increase their resilience to extreme heat, such as shading the windows and stocking up the pantry to limit the amount of times you have to leave the house.

“If you do feel like getting out, visit a cooler location such as your local library or shopping centre and while you’re out, take the time to check in on your neighbour to make sure they are alright.”

Mayor Whitney also urged residents to pay special attention to their pets and said animals should be able to access clean, fresh water in the shade.

“Like people, animals can suffer heatstroke in hot weather so pets should be kept inside when possible,” she said.

“If pets can’t be left inside, you should ensure that there are some sheltered shady spots in the garden for them to rest,” she said.

Residents are encouraged visit the Bureau of Meteorology website at to monitor the weather forecast for their local area over the coming days.