The real most popular names out there

Jackson, Jaxon and Jaxen may all sound the same but because they are spelled differently, they all occupy their own space on the most popular baby name chart, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). But what if the variations of spelling on the same name were combined? Would the most popular names remain the same?

While the most popular names of last year, based on the SSA are Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava and Isabella (girls) and Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob and William (boys), Nameberry recently published an analysis of what names are actually the most popular, based on the way they are said, not spelled.

Without further ado, here are the real most popular names:

Girls’ Baby Names 

  1. 1.Sophia/Sofia
  2. 2.Olivia/Alivia
  3. 3. Emma
  4. 4. Isabella, Isabella, Izabella
  5. 5. Ava/Avah
  6. 6. Mia/Miah
  7. 7. Emily/Emely/Emilee/Emilie/Emmalee
  8. 8. Zoey/Zoe/Zoie
  9. 9. Adalynn/Adaline/Adalyn/Addilyn/Addilynn/Adeline/Adelyn/Adelynn/Adilynn
  10. 10. Amelia/Emelia/Emilia
  11. 11. Abigail
  12. 12. Madelyn/Madalyn/Madalynn/Madeleine/Madeline/Madelynn/Madilyn/Madilynn
  13. 13. Madison/Maddison/Madisyn/Maddyson
  14. 14. Aubrey/Aubree/Aubrie
  15. 15. Charlotte
  16. 16. Chloe/Khloe
  17. 17. Riley/Rylee/Ryleigh/Rylie
  18. 18. Layla/Laila/Lailah/Laylah/Leila/Leyla
  19. 19. Avery/Averi/Averie
  20. 20. Evelyn/Evalyn/Evelynn

Boys’ Baby Names

  1. 1. Jackon/Jaxen/Jaxon/Jaxson
  2. 2. Aiden/Aaden/Adan/Aden/Aydan/Ayden/Aydin
  3. 3. Noah/Noa
  4. 4. Liam
  5. 5. Mason/Maison/Mayson
  6. 6. Jacob/Jakob
  7. 7. William
  8. 8. Jayden/Jadon/Jaiden/Jaydon
  9. 9. Kayden/Caden/Caiden/Cayden/Kaden/Kaeden/Kaiden
  10. 10. Ethan
  11. 11. Alexander/Alexzander
  12. 12. James
  13. 13. Michael/Michal/Micheal/Mikel
  14. 14. Elijay/Alijah
  15. 15. Benjamin
  16. 16. Daniel
  17. 17. Mathew/Matthew
  18. 18. Carter/Karter
  19. 19. Logan
  20. 20. Lucas

By combining the spelling many of the names that rank lower (and less popular) have moved up the charts. For example, Adeline, Riley, Layla and Aubrey (and their variations) have all moved up the charts significantly.

On the male side, Jackson makes it to the top of the charts when the variations are combined (ranked at #17 according to the SSL) and Aiden makes it way up to the second position (up from #13). Jayden and Cayden also both jump significantly when the spelling variations are combined.

A Rose by Any Other Name….

When thinking about what to name your baby, a unique spelling may not be enough to make your little one’s name unique. After all, no matter how you spell your baby’s name, it is going to sound the same when calling your child on the playground.

And, if you’ve gone with a popular baby name, then there’s a good chance at least three little ones are going to turn around when you call.

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