Blomberg Dental

Dear Blomberg Dental, Why do I need to bring my children to the dentist before their adult teeth come in?

Starting children with regular dental visits early gives them the best chance of having healthy teeth for life. Although baby teeth fall out and are replaced, baby teeth maintain space for the future adult teeth, and help guide normal jaw growth.

In special circumstances, a child might not grow a replacement adult tooth at all, and then it is especially important to care for the baby tooth! As well, higher levels of bacteria in a child’s mouth from active decay in baby teeth can put
the growing adult tooth at risk of developing cavities.

Early dental visits create positive dental experiences, and hopefully help avoid stressful situations such as cavities, toothaches and having to pull a tooth out. We love seeing young adult patients who have always been regular attenders from an early age, and rarely need any treatment other than a clean!

Ruhl Family Law Centre

Dear Ruhl Family Law Centre, If we come to an agreement about how to distribute our property, do we need lawyers?
Essentially, yes. If there are no Court Orders in place, there is nothing to prevent either party from making an Application to the Court and having a new arrangement determined.

Any agreement should be formalised through Consent Orders. These are binding Court Orders in the terms of your agreement, which say who gets what after separation. You need to be reasonable in reaching agreement, because the Court will only make Orders if the agreement is fair. This considers the contributions and future needs of each party.
Once Orders have been made, the Court considers the matter finalised.

Don’t think that this means you can’t negotiate with your former partner yourself – you can. Reaching an agreement without legal assistance will usually mean your matter is resolved more quickly and reduces your legal costs. However, you should always formalise your agreement to protect yourself and your assets.

Coastal Kids Speech Pathology

Dear Melanie, What can I do to help my two year old’s speech development?

Two years marks the stage where toddlers are combining words. The best way to help them is to model lots
of language throughout the day. You want to try and model the next step in their development, by adding one
more word to what they are saying. For example if they say “car gone”, you might expand on that by saying “Daddy’s car gone.”

Regular reading should also be introduced if you aren’t already doing this. Reading exposes children to a range of vocabulary they haven’t encountered in their everyday environment. Most importantly, reading teaches children about how books work, and sets them up for a successful start when learning to read.