The PakMag Experts May 2020 – Cairns

Dr Bobby Griffin – Sunbird Orthodontics

Dear Dr Bobby, am I too old to have braces?

As far as I am aware, I hold the Australian record for treating the oldest person with braces. Cheryl was 86 years old when she broke her lower front tooth, which couldn’t be fixed. Cheryl didn’t want to be left with an embarrassing gap so she asked me if it was possible to close the gap with braces. I put lower braces on, and the process took approximately 6 months. Cheryl was delighted that she didn’t have to wear a denture. The simple fact is: If you have teeth, then you’re never too old for braces!

Dr Richard Thomas – Cairns Vet Clinic

Dear Dr Richard Thomas, my cat keeps marking its territory around the house. What can I do?

Cats tend to mark areas in response to stressful stimuli, luckily there are a few things you can do to stop this. Try different types of litter and make sure to keep it fresh. Have more trays than cats, placed in a quiet and accessible area. Restrict access to areas they’re marking or use a cleaner containing ‘urease’. Spray relaxing pheromones, or install a diffuser (“Feliway”) near the marking areas, and make sure to keep cats separated if they don’t get along. If this doesn’t work then you should speak to your vet.

Matthew Calanna – Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Matthew, how can I get the most out of my medication?

Make sure you’re taking the right medicine and the right dose, at the right time. Our Medication Packing service is a simple and convenient way to help you stay on top of this. Our MyDNA Medication Test reveals what medicines are better suited to your body, which medicines may have fewer side effects and the optimal dosage of a particular medicine for you. Your DNA contributes to how your body breaks down medicine, so we can liaise with your healthcare professionals to assist them with current and future prescribing decisions. Take your MyDNA test today from $99.

Jana Gorski Naturopath – Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Jana, I struggle with my emotions in the days leading up to my period – more than I think is normal. But I don’t want to go on the pill. Is there anything natural that will help?

Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) are common for women in the days leading up to their period. Many women report bloating, breast tenderness, irritability, moodiness, cravings and fatigue. If your symptoms are concerning you, regular exercise, 5 servings of vegetables daily and stress reducing techniques are all proven relievers of PMS. For some, traditional herbal medicines are also helpful. Consult with a Naturopath or Herbalist for the best combination for you.