The latest fruit to join the superfood family

The latest fruit to join the superfood family

There is no denying that fruits and veggies are great for your health and there are plenty of superfruits out there that are designed to give you and your kids an extra intake of awesomeness. Berries make the list. So do broccoli. And spinach. And kiwifruit is another one to the shopping list.

The global superfood industry is reportedly worth over $130 billion with Australians among the biggest spenders when it comes to purchasing healthy foods. But luckily, just because a product is considered a ‘superfood’ doesn’t mean it has to come with an expensive price tag.

Kiwifruits are actually quite inexpensive and come with plenty of health benefits. Just one piece of kiwifruit contains 100 per cent of your daily Vitamin C requirements. Being so rich in Vitamin C, these kiwifruits enhance your health in numerous ways, including improving your immunity, vitality levels, and how you look. Kiwifruit also contains 20 DHA nutrients and antioxidants like folate, potassium, vitamin E and fibre that help you function at your best.

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