The Five Fantastic Friends You Need to Keep in Your Life

The Five Fantastic Friends You Need to Keep in Your Life

Not all friends are forever. But these ones are. If you are lucky enough to have these mates in your life, then make sure you share this post so they know just how awesome they are!

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The “I’ve Been There” Mate

You’re having a rough day with the kids. And this is the friend you call. Because you know she’s probably feeling the same or had a similar day yesterday and you know she is going to agree with your frustration rather than trying to tell you how to fix the solution. Because sometimes the best solution is knowing that you are not alone. And, with this friend, you never ever are.

The “Truth” Sayer

We all need that friend who tells it how it is, without making you feel bad. You know – the no judgement, no nonsense friend that will always tell you the truth without hurting your feelings. This brutally honest mate is to keeps, even if you sometimes hate what she says, especially when she’s absolutely right.

The “Councillor” 

Sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on and this friend always knows just what to say or what to do to make you feel better. However, this friendship needs to be a two-way street. If you are doing all the talking (ahem, whinging) and not letting her do the same, then you need to tone down the drama and make an effort to be a friend, not just a patient.

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The “Laugh until your Cheeks Hurt” Mate

You know you’ve found a mate for life when you can laugh so hard with your friend that your stomach muscles are getting a workout.  Who needs the gym? All you need is a bottle of wine and an evening to catch up and you’re sure to be sore from laughing by the end of it.

The “Adventurer”

Having a friend that pushes the limits and helps you to step out of your comfort zone can be a huge blessing, as long as you are not taking unnecessary risks. But we all need that friend who helps you grow more confident through exploration and adventure, that brings out the fun mum in you, and that ensures that you are consistently surprising yourself.

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