The coolest kids’ themed bedrooms we’ve ever seen


When designing your child’s bedroom, it’s always a good idea to stick to a certain colour or scheme. Not only does this help with choosing the right products but it also helps to add an element of peacefulness and tranquillity to the room. If you are looking for some inspiration for your child’s bedroom, look no further.

Vina Chen has done the work for us. Her Facebook account features some of the most specular themed bedrooms we have ever stumbled across. Regardless of what your children are into – from basketball to balloons, from pirates to princesses, these bedrooms must be seen to be believed.


Come fly with us in this awesome aerodynamic bedroom.

kids bedroom airplanes

Hot Air Balloons

Up, up and anyway!

kids bedroom balloon


Arrgh matey.

kids bedroom pirate


What child would be able to resist a Minion-inspired bedroom?

kids bedroom minions

Under the Sea

A water wonderland may be the perfect way for your little ones to drift off into sleep each night.

kids bedroom under the sea


If this bed doesn’t make your little Princesses dreams come true, then nothing will!

kids bedroom princess 2


Let their imaginations run wild in a jungle-themed bedroom.

kids bedroom jungle


Any sports fan will love to play in this room all day long.

Sport themed


Ahoy – it’s going to be a rocky sleep with these adorable boat beds.

kids bedroom nautical

Which of these amazing themed bedrooms is your favourite? Check out our feature on kids bedrooms for more decorating ideas.