I am passionate about preventative health and believe that the love of good food can be instilled at an early age for a healthier future generation.

Healthy food choices also need to be affordable and fit in with the way people live. This is particularly important for making food decisions for children and families. One of my main goals is to ensure the eating experience is enjoyable.

Food and its Sensory Elements

The appeal of recipes is based on sensory elements, rational thinking and emotion. A sensory aspect might be colour. Would you eat blue mashed potato? Rational thinking may involve aspects such as, is it healthy or convenient or economical? Emotions come into play when we analyse our food associations. For example, do you feel a positive association to food that you see presented in a cosy cottage kitchen or on a picnic rug on a tropical beach? What do you think about the romance of a candlelit table of food?

Make it Child Friendly

As well as considering the sensory, rational and emotional aspects for a recipe, it’s also a good idea to consider recipes that a child can follow. Simple recipes are a practical tool for the whole family. You want recipes that can move from the coffee table cook book or iPad to the kitchen bench.

I will help your family turn contemplation into cooking by involving the whole family.

My in-depth knowledge of the food industry, its marketing, production, and distribution enables advice to be given on the use of processed food. I share tips on how convenience items can be incorporated into the diet in a healthy way. I also promote the use of an environmentally sustainable food supply and the use of locally produced food for families.

In the coming months I will be discussing a variety of health food topics relevant to family fun with food and assisting people to cater for their children’s nutritional needs.