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Hugh Van Cuylenburg Talks Resilience, Mental Health and More With Life Education Queensland

Looking for a new podcast to keep yourself entertained? Wanting to learn more or gain support on mental health? Well now you can listen, learn and grow all at the same time. The popular charity Life Education Queensland is featuring Hugh van Cuylenburg, the creator of The Resilience Project and host of the popular podcast The Imperfects, on their own Life Education podcast.

The former teacher shares his wisdom on resilience, positive mental health, tools for greater happiness and more.

Hugh says: “Life Education is such an iconic program with a 40-year history. I can remember the Healthy Harold van from own primary school years. Then when I was a teacher, it always made me smile when I’d see the Life Education van parked in the school grounds.”

“Both Life Education and The Resilience Project share a common goal. We both want to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children…”

On the podcast, Hugh talks with Life Education podcast host and journalist Tracey Challenor. They cover things such as what people can do to shift their mood, to bringing gratitude and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Michael Fawsitt, Life Education Queensland CEO, says the charity’s podcast series is a way to support the parents of the thousands of children who attend the Life Education program in schools each year. The podcasts provide advice from experts as well as strategies that all parents can use at home. “Our program is increasingly focused on building children’s resilience. Our core program is also on drugs and health. Because of this, we’ll regularly be featuring guests like Hugh, who are experts in children’s emotional wellbeing,” says Fawsitt.

The Life Education podcast isn’t the only thing that the charity launched this year, however. The new online platform called the Life Education Hub, provides even more support for both schools and parents. You can visit it for advice, resources, news and more.

Life Education podcasts can be found on their website here, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRADIO and Soundcloud. There is one episode so far with Hugh. One more will be released within the next week or two.

Check out Life Education at Home here, a free online program for learning. 

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