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The Best Dog Beds for Your Furry Friend

Dogs are the heart of many of our families, and everybody’s best friend. They will also sleep in the weirdest places sometimes without any reason or seemingly without any care in the world. But, if you love your dog as much as we are sure you do, then they deserve a gift of an amazing bed regardless (even if they use it once a week and spend the other six nights laying on the floor with their legs splayed out). As humans- we get, and love, comfy beds – so why shouldn’t our additional furry family member get the same?

There are plenty of pet beds out there that do the job and are just okay, we know. However, it never hurts to spoil your fur child and get them a bed that they actually won’t prefer the floor over.

PETstock knows how to create apparel and accessories that are on-trend, yet still deliciously comfy, and our dogs love them for it! The fact they’re 100% Australian, family owned and operated is even better. Their Winter 2020 lifestyle range definitely had us reconsidering our previous bedding choices… after using one of these, there’s no way you can go back.

There are different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, all made to suit whatever breed you have.

Here are Bree’s dogs enjoying their new found comfort – they can’t speak but I’d say they definitely look like they’re endorsing this brand.

In addition to the best beds, PETstock’s winter range also has available:

  • Stylish leads and collars,
  • Knitwear – The cutest puppy sweaters you’ve ever seen,
  • High fashion vests and sporty vests for the fancy puppers,
  • Coats and jackets – fabrics include Sherpa, Oilskin, Wool, and more. Your fur baby will never get cold in one of these, and
  • Special snug coats and jackets for those dogs that just don’t stop wriggling!

We’re not talking basic designs and flimsy fabric people! In fact, you may be a little taken aback by the fact that your dog may look even better dressed than you. Don’t believe me? Look at how fancy these guys look:

So, if you’re looking for a way to give a little extra love to your dog, or maybe even a gift for someone else’s dog, you know where to go.

You can visit the PETstock website HERE.

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