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The Benefits of Getting an Air Purifier

Healthy air is not something that the majority of us probably think about. But it’s definitely something we should. There are often so many pollutants in our air without us even realising. These can affect asthma, allergies and more. Yes, they might be invisible and tiny, but they can still be enough to be harmful to your health or aggravate any health issues you already have. In small spaces, particularly in homes and offices, the air is being shared between multiple people. This spreads around anything harmful and pollutants that are present. Cleaning the space often and well, washing your hands, covering your mouth before coughing and other precautions are great to practice, but there is more you can do – by getting an air purifier. 

Medical grade air purifiers like the ones from Andatech help to purify our indoor air. In general they get rid of these harmful pollutants and bacteria. Using a UV light, the air purifier can inactivate microbes such as bacteria and viruses that are trapped on its filters.

Getting an air purifier is an easy way to ensure you are taking that extra step to help keep the air cleaner. This is particularly important if you’re a parent of small children (who we all know aren’t being their cleanest at the best of times). Or, maybe you share a space with an immunocompromised person. 

Having pets also means you most likely have a lot more of their dander in the house than you realise. So, if you have family members with allergies then this can become a problem. Unfortunately, vacuuming doesn’t tend to remove all of the pollutants, and can end up recirculating them. Plus, asthma is very common, and even more common are the triggers that can cause asthma attacks. These include allergens such as tree and grass pollen, animal dander, and irritants such as smoke, strong odours and chemical fumes. Opening windows for fresh air is a good idea in theory. However, it doesn’t quite work as the best solution either, considering that doing so can allow more triggers to enter inside.

Air purifiers that come with a HEPA filter draw in dust, hair, gases and chemicals and trap them. This prevents them staying airborne. If you have pets or live with a person that has asthma, it’s a good idea to look into getting an air purifier. Even if you’re someone who simply doesn’t like strong odours or you have a relative that smokes, an air purifier can reduce smells for you.

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About Andatech

 Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company. They design supplies, supports and services safety products such as breathalysers, as well as consumer safety and health products. With a focus on indoor air quality, Andatech’s distribution channel offers a range of highly reviewed and award-winning products. These include dehumidifiers, air purifiers and humidifiers that help to greatly improve air quality at home.


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