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Should I be Concerned About My Child’s Heart Murmur?

Dr A. Guatam – Townsville Paediatrics

Dear Dr Guatam, My child has a heart murmur. Should I be concerned?

Heart murmurs are whooshing or humming sounds heard between the two heartbeat sounds, with a stethoscope. Pathological murmurs can be caused by serious conditions and additional tests may be required to determine an innocent murmur from a harmful one. However, a murmur by itself does not always represent an abnormality. A large majority of healthy infants and young children can have murmurs which will disappear as the child grows. Contact your Doctor if the heart murmur concerns you or seems ongoing.

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Since Having a Baby I Experience Continence Issues…

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Jana, since having a baby I’ve noticed that a little urine leaks out when I sneeze or laugh. What can I do?

Many women experience continence issues, especially during pregnancy or after childbirth. The symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor include leaking small amounts of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing or running, failing to reach the toilet in time, reduced sensation in the vagina or a sensation of heaviness.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle by completing pelvic floor exercises at least three times every day should help, and if it doesn’t, then it is important to see your general practitioner or women’s health physiotherapist for further treatment options.

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