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How Can My Pharmacy Support Me During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Mario Calanna – Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Mario, How can my pharmacy support me during the Coronavirus pandemic?

If you’re feeling fluey, or simply don’t want to risk entering a public place, call your local Calanna and you can arrange someone to pick up your shop, or we’ll bring it out to your car. For medication, download the MedAdvisor App, choose Calanna, and then place your order and collect when convenient. It’s a good time to boost your immune system, Vitamin C, Immune Booster Tonic, and Zinc are great things to be taking. Come see us for your personalised plan. If there’s anything else we can do for your family at this time, please let us know.

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What Things Should I Look for in a Pharmacy?

Matthew Calanna – Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Matthew, What should I look for in a pharmacy?

You should look for one that has pharmacist who’s experienced and understands your family’s needs. Face to face dispensing is important. This means the pharmacist is easily accessible at the front of the dispensary so you can speak with them and access their knowledge. Additionally it should be open seven days a week, early-late. This is because they understand that when you’re crook, or need advice, it generally happens off the clock. A loyalty club with customer benefits is always a plus. Laslty, look for one who genuinely cares about your family, has an experienced team and offers unique products and services to assist your health.


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Is There Any Way to Improve My Child’s Handwriting?

Helping Hands – Hand, Wrist & Arm Clinic

Dear Juliet, What can I do to help my child improve their handwriting?

Handwriting problems are common, especially as children start to progress through primary school. Common problems such as poor pencil grasp, messy writing or painful hand cramps when writing can often be a symptom of a more complex issue.

Solutions can be as simple as working on hand strength to improve pencil grasp or as complex as overall fine motor skills/dexterity and a customised  remediation program. The first step is to identify the underlying problem and give the child time and plenty of opportunity to work on the skills required to improve their handwriting.

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