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Children are often great storytellers, but did you know, at only five years of age, Prep students are already turning their creative thinking into written story pieces?

It is true! These budding authors are learning to organise their thoughts to communicate to audiences through written language.

No matter what age a student writes, we need to acknowledge that they are the authors and their voice needs to be heard. We can fine tune the grammar and punctuation, but their ideas are theirs – that is what they want to communicate.

Peace Lutheran College Prep students are taught that all of us have a story (or two) to tell and this can be done in a variety of ways. We help students understand that stories have a beginning, middle and end, and are written because the author wants to convey a message to others.

When we first start writing with our students we write recount and entertainment stories that are often based on real experiences so they are familiar.

The “On the weekend”, “Once upon a time” or “One day” stories feature heavily in their writing journals. Whilst Prep students can persuade quite well verbally, especially when they want something, the ability to persuade in writing will take much longer to develop.

Once students have written their story the illustration is an important next step. This completes their author experience.

Part of the Foundation Level Achievement Standard in the Australian Curriculum states:

“When writing, students use familiar words and phrases and images to convey ideas. Their writing shows evidence of letter and sound knowledge and beginning writing behaviours. They also experiment with capital letters and full stops. They correctly form known upper- and lower-case letters.”

Peace Lutheran College invites you to come along and meet their little authors at their Prep Open Day on 19th September.



This adorable bouquet of button flowers is sure to win the heart of whoever you’re making it for.

You need:

  • Glue gun and glue (or craft glue)
  • Assorted colourful buttons
  • Straws or wooden sticks to secure buttons

Here’s how you do it:

1. Choose your button combination – you will need five buttons of the same colour for the petals plus two buttons for the stamen (the middle bit). The middle button should be the largest.

2. Glue a small section of each petal button to the main middle button. Secure and let dry.

3. Add another button on top of the middle to finalise your pretty flower.

4. Glue your flower to a straw or wooden stick and place in a vase to display your bouquet of button flowers.

Even More Button Fun

The opportunities with buttons are endless. Here are some more fun ideas to try:

  • Button rings
  • Button necklaces
  • Button barrettes
  • Button paperclips
  • Button bookmarks
  • Button bowl

Thanks to Rebeka Lambert for this creative idea.



Grab some rocks from the backyard and bring them to life with this creative painted rocks safari animals craft.

You need:

– An assortment of rocks, preferably smooth on one surface
– Craft paint in various colours
– Paint brushes
– A glue gun and hot glue
– Scissors
– A fine tipped black pen

How to do it:

1. Start by making the body of the animals. Using the glue gun and the hot glue, press the smaller rocks to the larger ones to create a head and little ears. Hold for a few minutes to ensure the rocks remain in place.

2. Paint the rocks based on the animal you want to create.

3. Once the paint is dry, go over the paint with a fine tipped black pen to highlight the marking and add details.



Give new life to all those old buttons with this adorable and creative button on canvas art.

You need:

  • Blank white canvas
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Black pen
  • Assorted colourful buttons

Here’s how you do it:

1. Trace the design you want to create on the blank canvas using the black pen.
2. Using the glue gun, glue each button into position on the canvas. Hold until secure.
3. Let your canvas picture dry before hanging up. Your button on canvas art is done!

Experiment with other button canvas shapes – your child’s initials, a butterfly, flowers or how about drawing a tree and using buttons as the colourful leaves and flowers?

(thanks to Craft Juice)