Babies are born with a natural affinity for the water, and our educational water familiarisation programs can enhance this relationship. For both parents, carers and babies these programs are the beginning of a wonderful aquatic journey in our warm, secure and loving environment. They promote stimulation, movement, touch, bonding, intellect, visual, audio, social-emotional and physical development.

Plus, the results are in! Researchers from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research has concluded after a seven-year study of 7,000 children under five years, that the swimming kids achieved physical milestones faster and also scored better in visual-motor skills, drawing, colouring and many mathematically-related tasks. Their oral expression was also better in the general areas of literacy and numeracy.

So, what are you waiting for, there really are so many reasons to be teaching your child to be safe in and around water!

What we offer at our Little Snapper Swim Schools:

Free Newborn Program (two and three months old).

We at Little Snappers know that for newborns it is important that the water be clean and warm (33 degrees) and that the classes are taught from the heart, with the individual needs of parent and baby being identified. Our well educated, knowledgeable teachers are specially trained in infant aquatics and promote ‘aquatic readiness’ for all activities, and they ensure that our program caters to the age and ability of our participants.

Learn to Swim Classes (four to 12-months old).

These Little Snappers classes are great for your baby who is now becoming more alert, enjoying socialisation and being a lot more interactive. In conjunction with their land-based milestones, swimming further enhances their development as they explore the underwater world utilising breath control with a voluntary learnt breath holding response with conditioning. They also learn floatation, movement and safety during this educational journey that is also a wonderful, fun-loving bonding experience. Join us now and receive your first lesson free.

Swimming is a skill for life – persist with lessons!

It is so important that lessons continue until a child is at a level where they can perform strokes correctly and their skill retention is attained. This is generally around the age of seven or eight. We at Little Snappers are surprised by the number of parents who cease swimming lessons when their child can swim from point A to point B (our level 3) as generally, these are the children most at risk of drowning.

Drowning is the biggest killer of children in the zero to four age group in Australia, according to the latest information from Royal Life Saving. Such a preventable statistic starts with the parents. Swimming is the platform and stepping stone for many future aquatic activities of your child; it is a skill for life.

Start your child’s aquatic journey with our FREE Newborn Program. To find out more about this program or any of our other classes at either of our two locations, visit our website www.littlesnappers.com.au