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We love to get stories for our PakMag readers. We get inundated with story opportunities every day and as much as we try, we can’t respond to everyone. If you would like to submit a story for our consideration, please do so here. We would highly recommend that you read our editorial guidelines first before submitting a story.

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What Content Do We Want?

From Our Readers

Families of PakMag

We’re looking for stories of families from all around Australia to tell their story to our readers. Whether you’re a family with quintuplets, you have a sports star in your midst, or you feel that your story could help inspire others – if you have a story, we want to hear it!

Shining Stars

Every month, PakMag publishing the “Shining Stars of Cairns and Surrounds” e-Guide and we also feature some amazing children on our blog. If your child has achieved something amazing, if they have a cool story or if they have overcome adversity, we want to know about it! Deadline is 15th of each month!

From Local Businesses & Organisations

Business Story – Do you have a new business or something new to tell our readers?  Please note that your story will most likely be used as a blog not in the print magazine.

Local Oganisations – Do you have an event or initiative that you’d like some publicity for?  Please note that your story will most likely be used as a blog not in the print magazine.

From Editorial Contributors

There are plenty of opportunities for editorial contributions, many of these can go on our website as a blog but there may be occasions that we will include these in the magazine. Please note that editorial for the magazine is generally mapped out for at least 6 months in advance so story inclusion in print is rare. Stories are credited but not paid.


Please upload high resolution photos (for example of your child in action or of your family). If you have any trouble uploading an image, feel free to email it to


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