Something to Smile About

Something to Smile About

Kids just don’t know how good they have it these days.

If you ever had to see an orthodontist as a kid, then you’ll remember without fondness having impressions taken of your teeth.  Remember that cold and curiously tasteless goo that you had to sink your teeth into?  Then, I bet you spent the rest of the day fishing out little lumps of impression material from between your teeth!

Thanks to advances in dental technology, those messy impressions are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Sunbird Orthodontics is super-excited to announce the arrival of our cutting-edge TRIOS scanner!

Digital scanning is now revolutionizing dentistry.  We now take a rapid series of 3D photos of the teeth, and stitch them together to form a full-colour, hi-definition 3D image of the entire mouth.  It is fabulous to see children moving the images of their own teeth around on the screen, zooming in and out, and having so much fun!

What’s even better is that we can create a 3D colour scan of a kid’s teeth in less than 5 minutes, and it’s child’s play!  Modern technology is making orthodontics fun!

As a Specialist Orthodontist, I can now analyse a child’s teeth in unprecedented detail, I can even create a simulation of how the teeth will look when they are perfectly straight.  It’s amazing to see, and I challenge you to not get excited when you see your teeth on the big screen moving into perfect alignment.

Our new 3D scanner also opens up a whole new world of treatment opportunities, like the amazing Invisalign system, which is super discreet and all but invisible.  It also opens the door to hi-tech orthodontic systems like Insignia and Suresmile, which can speed up the treatment of orthodontic braces.  Perfect for adults who just want to get the job done as fast as possible.

The world is changing at a furious pace, so now’s the time to jump aboard with Sunbird Orthodontics, and see where the magical ride of modern technology will take us next!


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