Solving Problems in Three Simple Steps

It’s important to pay attention to your children’s conflicts, especially if they get violent or out of control. However, it is also important that you are teaching children the right way to solve these problems and how to, eventually, conquer these conflicts without your assistance.

Step One: Teach them how to calm down.

Before any problem can be solved, your child needs to be in a calm state. Taking deep breaths, going for a quick walk or closing his eyes for ten seconds can help him release the anger or anxiety so he is ready to communicate effectively.

Step Two: Talk it out.

Communication is key to finding viable solutions to any problem. First of all, help your child understand his emotions and why he is feeling how he is. Next, talk about the problem and discuss possible solutions. Then you can put these solutions into place.

Step Three: Step Aside.

It will take several arguments, several meltdowns and several fights for your child to start to put these two steps into place. But once he does, it will arm him with the tools he needs to solve problems at home, at school and anywhere else, effectively.


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