Six Ways to Exercise with Kids


Getting to the gym or pounding the pavement when you have kids can be tricky. But, never fear – here are some easy ways to get fit, with the kids.

Go insane

Insanity is a 30 minute workout that you can do from home and often with the kids beside you. Make sure you start with the beginner video, however, as the workout is pretty intense to say the least.

Consider mum and bub workouts 

There are plenty of “mummy and me” programs including dance, gymnastics, yoga and Pilates.

Play Wii 

Don’t knock it until you try it. The bowling, dancing and tennis games can be a great workout. Even Guitar Hero can make you work up a sweat.


Turn up the music, grab the kiddies and start a dance party in your lounge room. Fifteen minutes of spinning, jumping and hokey pokeying will have you burning a fair few kilojoules.

Play cricket at the park 

And don’t use fielders or a wicket keeper. That way you will be chasing after the ball anytime your child hits (or misses) it.

Do a sit -up anytime your child says “No” 

Guaranteed to be the best workout ever.