Six things you never knew about silica sachets

Six things you never knew about silica sachets

Those silica bag sachets are actually filled with little balls of silicon dioxide which can be used to dry out all sorts of things around the house.

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the little sachets:

1. They are actually not toxic or poisonous
The reason for the warning is because they pose a choking hazard for little ones. But that doesn’t mean you should eat them.

2. They can save your phone

We’ve all done it – dropped our mobile phones in the toilet, bath or accidentally spilled water all over it. Forget rice – these sachets are even quicker and better at drying your phone out. Simply place your phone is a jar of sachets and leave overnight.

3. They can defog your windscreen 

Tired of waiting for your windscreen to clear up in the mornings? Place a few of these sachets under your windshield on the inside. You can expect a dry and clear windshield every morning, regardless of how muggy, hot or cold it is.

4. They can keep your clothes fresh 

Mould is a common problem for parents – add a few sachets to your gym bag and swim bag to keep the odours at bay and the mould away.

5. They can make shaving easier

Nothing stings more than using a blunt razor blade. One way to keep your razor blades from going blunt or drying out in the shower is to store them in a tupperware container with a sachet. It will keep them sharper for longer and save you money on bandaids and razor blades.

6. And, finally, they can protect your precious keepsakes. 

Do you have a box of photos hiding somewhere in the house? Keep them from fading or being ruined by dampness by adding a few sachets to the area.

Who knew?