There are many common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding single-parent families. The whole experience is often depicted as being draining and frustrating, which admittedly, it can be. But not necessarily! Let’s debunk some of these myths.

Kids need both a mum and a dad.

False. Many children who come from single-parent families still thrive in adulthood. Ideally, two parents is the perfect image in all of our heads, but we all know life is known for not always being perfect. Yes, raising a child is expensive enough even if you’re raising them with a partner; this will prove to be a challenge on your own, but most parents manage to make it work. If you’re having troubles making ends meet financially on your own, there’s support options available.

Most single mothers are teenagers.

This stereotype is understandable because teen mothers often get a lot of attention, however it’s not true. Teenagers are actually a minority in the single mums group. That being said; they try just as hard as any other single parent!

Single-parent families are dysfunctional.

While many marriages end on bad terms, this doesn’t mean it automatically makes a single-parent family dysfunctional. These marriages usually end because the couple no longer clicked for whatever reason, and staying together wouldn’t do anyone in the family any good. This way, having two separated parents is better than having two coupled parents who constantly argue and disagree – or worse. Additionally, not all of these families are a result of conflict or divorce; some single parents are widowed, and some single parents decided to have kids of their own by sperm donors or surrogates.

Single parents won’t ever be successful.

Rarely! While taking care of a child on your own can be daunting and take a bite out of your free time, it doesn’t mean you’ll be unsuccessful. Many, many single parents juggle work, kids, and chores, and still manage to build a very happy, fulfilling life for themselves and their children. It’s rocky at the start, and it probably will be at times, but think; even in coupled families, issues arise too. Having a partner isn’t necessarily a fix to all the problems. Did you know that Tom Cruise and Kate Hudson are single parents? You can do it!

Single parents are needy.

Many people may think that being a single parent is all about asking for favours or help from others. This is not true, as most single parents have learned to build a new life around themselves, and are often thriving without any assistance!

Single Parent Myths

At the end of the day, don’t panic too much. Things will fall into place and you’ll figure everything out. Becoming a single parent is often an emotional rollercoaster and can prove to be a big challenge, but it’s all very rewarding when your child comes up to you and tells you that they love you. Stereotypes and misconceptions will always exist; but don’t let them get to you! Every family is different.