Should I be Concerned About My Child’s Handwriting?

 Helping Hands Hand, Wrist & Arm Clinic

Dear Juliet, Should I be concerned about my child’s handwriting?

Handwriting remains an important lifelong skill even in this technological world and it develops in early childhood. If a teacher or you are concerned, then early intervention is the best solution. In general, poor handwriting legibility, fatiguing quickly or not keeping up with the class can indicate a problem.

Overall, the most common problems identified are poor pencil grasp, inconsistent letter formation, sizing, letter reversals, mixed capital/lower case, too light or heavy pencil pressure. Additionally, not writing in a straight line or hand pain during or after writing also indicate a problem. 

If your child consistently demonstrates any of the above problems, they may benefit from handwriting remediation. If you’re concerned, contact the Helping Hands Clinic today. 

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