Placing your little ones in the same bedroom comes with plenty of perks – it offers a wonderful bonding experience and frees up space in the house. It also means you can use the extra bedroom as an office, a guest room or a playroom. But how can you create a cohesive design all the while giving each child their own individual space?

Choose accessories that both kids will love

This can be especially tricky when one child is begging for Minecraft and the other one wants Cinderella. But it can be done. Think about colour schemes, not just characters, especially as cartoon characters go out of style with every new movies or TV series that comes out.

Bunk up

Opting for bunk beds is one of the smartest solutions for freeing up space. And while it means you have to hike up to the top bunk anytime you need to change the sheets, it also means there is enough space for the kids to move around, to place a table and chairs and to make a play area in the bedroom as well.

Set boundaries through storage solutions

Kids are going to always fight about what belongs to who but a simple storage solution can help prevent this. Have different baskets or drawers for each child or invest in a shelving system so each child has a shelf to put their prized possessions.

Think neutral colours for the big items

And add a splash of the brighter and bolder pinks, reds, blues and greens in the accessories such as pillows, rugs, lamps and money boxes.

Monochrome (black and white) is a great choice for canvases and doonas as it can be used for both boys and girls and creates a unified look.

Declutter (and often)

Shared bedrooms are known to build up excess items quicker than any other room. Make it a routine to give the room a good declutter at least once a month and get rid of all clothing, toys, books, piles of artwork and other items that have managed to find a home on your child’s floor, under the bed or in the closet.