Have your little one smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing and feeling their way through the back yard, as they learn and explore with their senses. Sensory gardens are perfect for both small children and children with special needs to explore their environment.



When planning a sensory garden for your little one, it’s important to think about a suitable layout that your child can make the most of. We suggest having planters at a reachable height for your child, as well as incorporating elements such as benches and paths for them to follow and enjoy the garden in comfort.


Sight: Create walkways that wind through you garden to invite visitors to slow down and explore the garden at leisure. Be creative with planter boxes, use things like old shoes or tins to create an interesting eye-catching display.


Sound: Try using crunchy gravel, wind chimes, and moving water within your garden, as they bring a variety of different sounds. Consider growing nectar plants to introduce birds in your garden as they produce the wonderful sound of nature.

Why not create your very own garden instrument, from old cake tins to pots and pans? Your child will love using these everyday utensils as they explore the different sounds they produce.


Touch: From furry mosses to velvety leaves, exploring the different textures nature has to offer is one sure-fire way bring an element of touch into the garden. We suggest growing plants that are hardy and that can handle being touched, and staying away from spikey or prickly plants like rose thorns or cacti
as they can be dangerous to your little one.


Taste: Let your child discover the different tastes nature has to offer, from rosemary to strawberries, growing your own edible garden can be a fun learning experience for both you and your child. However, we suggest sectioning off this ‘taste’ area so your little one knows what is to taste and what is for their other senses.


Smell: It’s important to separate your garden into different flower scents, to avoid an overload in one place. We suggest including flowers like, gardenias and lilacs which produce a beautiful fragrance.

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