Scrambling for lunchbox ideas?

Scrambling for lunchbox ideas?

When it comes to the new school year and sending kids back to class, lunches are a common stress factor for parents – they want something quick and nutritious to prepare, but most of all, they want the lunchbox empty when the kids come home.

To help parents with school lunches, Sunny Queen Farms, one of Australia’s leading egg producers, has developed a delicious range of healthy lunchbox recipes for each day of the week, to put smiles on the faces of both parents and kids.

The recipes, including bacon and pumpkin fritters, stuffed boiled eggs and classic curried egg sandwiches are easy-to-prepare options that turn school lunches into power-packed meals, loaded with protein and nutrient-dense goodness.

John O’Hara, Managing Director of Sunny Queen, says eggs are naturally high in protein which makes them a great base for any recipe. “Whether you have them smashed, cut or whole, there are many ways that you can create a healthy lunchtime snack that your kids will actually enjoy eating”.

From bacon and egg tart to lunchbox treats, Sunny Queen’s tasty lunchbox recipes will have kids asking for more.

The recipes align with Nutrition Australia’s guidelines, which recommends including eggs in kids’ lunchboxes, and advises to “Try to give kids some choice about what they take for lunch, and if possible, get them involved with preparing the ‘healthier’ foods”.

Mr O’Hara said eggs are not only quick to prepare, they are convenient and accessible to eat on the go.

“Rest assured, even with a jam-packed schedule of sport, music practice and tutoring, your child is getting high quality protein and 11 vitamins and minerals from every egg packed in their lunchbox,” he said.

If parents are looking to cut out the sugary snacks and unnecessary additives from their kid’s lunchboxes, eggs make a great staple to every day diets.

Sunny Queen’s school recipes are easy and can be made ahead of time, making school mornings less stressful for parents.

“Our school lunchbox recipes are easy enough even for the kids to get involved, teaching them basic cooking and baking skills,” said Mr O’Hara. “It’s a great way for parents to teach their children about nutritious food.”
Sunny Queen recommends five guidelines to follow for a safe school lunchbox menu:

• Follow the recommended storage, thawing and cooking/heating guidelines.
• Always sanitise benches and equipment to avoid cross contamination between raw and cooked products.
• Do not use cracked or dirty eggs.
• Shell eggs, once cracked, should be fully cooked before consumption.
• Always clean your hands thoroughly before and after handling egg and egg products.

From sweet treats to savoury snacks, Sunny Queen has prepared a list of 5 quick and easy meals for every day of the school week. Parents can stop scrambling for ideas and discover more recipes at