School Holiday Boredom Busters

You and the kids will never be bored these school holidays with our tips on activities for you and your kids.

1. Check out our School Holiday Guide, obviously!
2. Try our Easter crafts
3. Make our Easter recipes
4. Attend PakMag’s Easter Eggstravaganza
5. Go for a swim in the pool or at a swimming spot
6. Organise an Easter Egg Hunt
7. Go for a bike ride
8. Camp in the backyard
9. Have a family games night
10. Start a veggie garden (tips in Pakmag’s March Edition)
11. Have a family sports day
12. Rearrange your child’s room, with them
13. Got a dog? Have a puppy pamper day
14. No dog? Create a grooming station with stuffed toys
15. Family spa day, anyone?
16. Relax and do some yoga together

Try these awesome ideas:

Sticky Spider Web
Use painters tape to create a web in a doorway, scrunch up some newspaper and get the kids to throw it at the web.
Whoever sticks the most, wins!
Thanks to What Moms Love

Boredom Buster Jars
Have fun busting boredom, by planning how you’ll bust boredom in the future! Write fun activities on popsicle sticks and tell the kids to pick a stick when they’re bored! Thanks to The Crafting Chicks

Simple Beach Fun
Get the kids to help pile up the sand, create a crater in the top and pour in water to create a sand volcano!
Simple but fun! Thanks to One Perfect Day Blog

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