With the V8’s zooming into Townsville this month, we figured it’s the perfect time of year to host a car-themed party for the little races in your life.

Red and black are two of the most popular colours for race car themed parties. Look for black and white checked buntings and flags to hang around the food area and pair it with red tableware. Black, yellow and red balloons can also add some racing flair to the party area.

Here are some more ideas on food, games and lolly ideas.

  • You can make plenty of different ‘car’ themed treats such as apple cars with grapes as the wheels, lamingtons cars with Smarties as the wheels (and add a Tiny Teddy to the front as the driver) or brownies with marshmallows as the wheels.
  • Create spotlight brownies (brownies cut into rectangles and topped with red, amber and green M&Ms) or spotlight kabobs using a red strawberry, yellow banana slice and a green kiwi fruit.
  • Red, amber and green (spotlight) jelly will also be a huge hit with the kiddies.
  • Pick up some plastic trophies and fill them with different snacks (popcorn, chips, crackers, etc).
  • Or, use a circle cookie cutter to create “sandwich wheels” and spread with Nutella to give them the tyre look.
  • Top your cupcakes with miniature flags or Stop signs.
  • For a fun backyard game pick up a box of race car toys and set up a racing track. You can race the cars down a hill or down a slide.
  • Or, create an obstacle course using old tyres and red pylon cones for the kids to maneuverer through.
  • Add a toy race-car to each lolly bag. Other things to consider include racing stickers, rubbers and pencil sets.

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