QBD’S Books of the Month and Best Sellers

Reading. Some love it, some don’t – and that’s okay! But it’s never too late to start enjoying a good book, whether you read it before bed or in the car while waiting to pick the kids up from school. Plus, a love for reading is a great thing to instil in your kids as it can keep them entertained, broaden their imagination, strengthen their literacy skills and more.

QBD is an online bookstore loved by Australians, with millions of titles available across a range of genres. This range also includes discounts on new releases, best sellers and future release titles. Overall there are books for children to adults and everything in between. So, here are their picks for book of the month, for both children and adults. And, if you feel like it’s time for you or your kid(s) to pick up a good book, make sure to give these ones a go!

Book of the Month 

The Monster Who Wasn’t by TC Shelley, $12.99 (13% Off RRP). 

This is a brilliantly rich and strange fantasy adventure that will make us all believe in monsters be they good, bad or somewhere in between.
It is a well-known fact that fairies are born from a baby’s first laugh. But what is not as well documented is how monsters come into being –

This is the story of a creature who is both strange and unique. When he hatches down in the vast underground lair where monsters dwell, he looks just like a human boy much to the disgust of everyone watching. Even the grumpy gargoyles who adopt him and nickname him ‘Imp’ only want him to steal chocolate for them from the nearby shops. He’s a child with feet in both worlds, and he doesn’t know where he fits.

Little does Imp realise that Thunderguts, king of the ogres, has a great and dangerous destiny in mind for him, and he’ll stop at nothing to see it come to pass –

Best Seller for Children

Bluey Fruit Bat Board Book, $10.99 (27% off RRP). A glow in the dark book!

Not wanting to go to bed, Bluey wishes she was a nocturnal fruit bat that stays up all night. Soon she finds herself flying through the night sky.



Adult’s Book of the Month

The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh, $14.99 (55% off RRP). 

“Are you German or are you French? Do you work against Germany or for it? Are you telling me the truth, or are you a very accomplished liar?’

Lavender farmer Luc Bonet is raised by a wealthy Jewish family in the foothills of the French Alps. When the Second World War breaks out he joins the French Resistance, leaving behind his family’s fortune, their home overrun by soldiers, their lavender fields in disarray.

Lisette Forestier is on a mission of her own: to work her way into the heart of a senior German officer – and to bring down the Reich in any way she can…”

Current Adult Best sellers

Blue Moon by Lee Child, $19.99 (39% off RRP). 

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson – $16.99 (15% off RRP)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey – $13.99 (50% off RRP)

Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson – $24.99 (17% off RRP)