You’ve seen them in the grocery stores. You’ve probably even contemplated buying one. Yes, we’re talking about the big orange pumpkins typically reserved for Halloween. We’ve compiled seven ways to decorate them for Halloween.

Pumpkin carving can be a great family activity. But you don’t have to stick to the traditional scary face. In fact, you don’t even have to carve your pumpkin! Here are some great pumpkin decorating ideas to inspire you this Halloween, perfect to do with the kids.

1. Happy Pumpkin Family 

Got some silly hats and extra clothes lying around the house? Then you’ve the makings of these adorable orange friends.


2. Spider Stencil Pumpkins

Here’s another clever idea! Add a bit of spray paint and stencil spiders to your pumpkins for a spooky way to decorate your front entrance.

3. Striped Pumpkins

My kids absolutely adore painting on everything (rocks, walls, each other…) so why not add pumpkins to the mix with these clever painted pumpkins.

4. Cat and Mouse

Cut out a bit of wrapping paper to create a clever cat and mouse combination. Simply glue the paper to the pumpkins for the eyes, ears and tail.

Go and make these ones right meow.

5. Pirate Pumpkin

Argh matey – why should the kids get to have all the fancy dress fun? You can easily craft a pirate out of a pumpkin with a pirate hat, eye patch and black button.


6. Button Heads

Speaking of buttons, these equally cute and creepy heads could be just the thing you need. Use a variety of buttons to make each pumpkin unique. Display them stacked or solo.


7. Tennis Ball Pumpkin Men

Use tennis balls for the eyes and give these pumpkin men a bit of personality!

Looking for more Halloween crafts to do with the kids? Check out these adorable lolly gloves and fun rubbish bag spider webs.

(images thanks to Ally You)