The Pros and Cons of Having One Child

Having one child has its pros and cons for both the parents and the child. It can be difficult to make the decision whether or not to have more kids. Here are some of the pros and cons of having one child:


  • Only children will have more time to bond with the parents – if there were siblings, the parent would have less time and this time would need to be managed more carefully to ensure every child feels equal in the family.
  • Travelling is a lot easier with one child; whether it’s a two hour road trip or a long-haul flight. It works out cheaper, and it’s much easier regarding seating arrangements and keeping them entertained during the time.
  • Having one child is undoubtedly cheaper. Raising a child is expensive enough as it is, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise them from birth to the age of 18. Therefore the more children you have, the more expensive it becomes.
  • No fighting or quarrelling between siblings.
  • Only children may grow up to be more independent and able to fend for themselves.


  • Only children will miss out on becoming an uncle or aunt at some point in their life.
  • As an adult, the child may have a difficult time taking care of their elderly and/or sick parents without help from siblings.
  • Only children may face an immense pressure to make their parents proud, both academically and to carry on the family name. Because there is no other child to “live up to” the family name, the burden is carried by one child only.

Only children are often very close with their parents because of all the one-on-one time they get together. This shows them up-close how important love and family is from a young age. That’s not to say that children with many siblings don’t experience love; only children are just more up-close with it from observing their parents!

Every situation has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the cons of having one child don’t outweigh the pros contrary to popular beliefs. Only children typically aren’t “spoiled brats.” Most are pretty good at sharing, aren’t lonely without the company of a sibling and are perfectly happy playing by themselves, too! It’s important to bear in mind that having multiple kids has its own pros and cons, just like any other situation would. People will have their own opinions and make comments on your decision to only have child, but the parents know best at the end of the day and that’s all that matters.