Party Crafts for Kids – Rainbow Party Cups

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Rainbow Party Cups

What You Need

Rainbow coloured pipe cleaners

Paper cups

Hot glue gun

Craft glue

White pom poms


Cut the pipe cleaners into different lengths for the rainbow. They don’t have to be perfectly even because the pom poms will cover the ends.

Bend the pipe cleaners into the rainbow shape, according to the picture. To do this, bend the purple pipe cleaner into a small arch. Then bend the dark blue pipe cleaner on top of it, and so on. Use the glue to stick the rainbow on each cup.

Take two or three white pom poms and glue them around the base of the rainbow, covering the ends of the pipe cleaners. These will be the clouds.

Fill the cups with your favourite party snacks!

You can use these for a lolly buffet or even as your guests’ take home party favour.

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