Party Crafts for Kids – Pom Pom Party Hats

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Pom Pom Party Hats

What You Need

Party Hats

Pom Poms

Acrylic Paint

Round sponge

Elastic String

Hot Glue Gun


You can either buy party hats or create your own. To make your own, cut a circle in large thick paper/ cardboard. Then cut a narrow triangle from the outside of a section of the circle to the centre. Fold the paper to make a cone shape by overlapping the two corners of the triangle, either gluing or stapling it together. Cut two small holes on either side of the base of the hat and tie the elastic string between them.

To create the dots in the image, place a small round sponge into paint, then stamp onto the hat. Use the hot glue gun to stick pom poms around the base of the hat.

You can make these before your party for all of your guests or make it a fun activity to do with them during the party and your guests can personalise them.

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