Party Crafts for Kids – Cheetah Piñata

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Cheetah Piñata

What You Need




Hot glue gun

Newspaper (torn into strips)

Mod Podge Matte (or make your own by searching paper mache paste on the internet)

White, yellow (or orange) and black Acrylic paint






Inflate the balloon. Rest in a bowl to help keep it stable as you use mod podge and newspaper strips to cover it.

When it is dry, cut* around the tied end of the balloon, making a small neat opening (for filling). Save the little circle disc you’ve cut out for reattaching later. *Parental help required.

Cut ear shapes out of the cardboard and glue them onto the paper mache. Paint the mache to look like a cheetah.

Cut a very small hole at the top of the mache. Feed the rope through to the hole at the base, then tie a knot so that it cannot exit the top hole.

Fill the pinata with lollies and small prizes. Glue the disc back into the base of the cheetah.

You can glue ribbon onto the patch to help disguise it.

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