Party Crafts for Kids – 3D Cupcake Birthday Cards

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3D Cupcake Birthday Cards

What You Need


Cotton balls

Cupcake baking liners

Craft glue



Tooth picks

Yellow paper


Cut a rectangle piece of cardboard out to whatever size you want. Use the ruler to measure them out evenly before cutting.

Fold the cupcake liners in half, tucking in the edges to form a C shape. Glue the cotton balls onto the cardboard, then glue the cupcake liner over half or two thirds of the balls

Glue a toothpick onto the cardboard as the candle. Cut a flame out of the yellow paper and glue this above the toothpick.

To go a step further, cut a rectangle out of the yellow paper that fits into the middle of the cardboard. Glue the paper onto the other side of the cardboard and write a special message on it!

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