Many of you reading this will know the PakMag story. You’ll know that Bree began the magazine to help families in the Far North be better connected within their community 11 years ago. You’ll know that we now reach over 72,000 people every month with our three magazines, PakMag Cairns, Townsville and Mackay, and thousands more through our digital channels. And you’ll know that giving back is at our very core; having run over 400 free events attended by over 300,000 local families, created the PakMag Mobile Parents Room (the first of its kind in Australia), printed more than 2.7 million magazines which are free for readers, raised well over $150,000 for local charities, given away more than $500,000 in prizes and helped thousands of small businesses to grow their share of the family market.

But did you know that we need your help to do all this, to continue doing this and to do more of this?

As a company, we’ve never put pressure on our readers or asked for help, but with the changing landscape of our industry, we need your help to continue to provide our community with this much-loved resource.

PakMag is more than just a magazine. Our digital arm is now a huge part of what we do, and with our new website just launching, we have a goal of reaching 100,000 PakClub Members by the end of the year.
It’s a big goal, but if we do this, it will mean that we will be able to continue providing daily content for parents. But, more than that, we’ll be able to provide more free stuff, more product discounts and more prizes to you, our loyal readers.

We’re a well-known resource in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay but our aim is to take PakMag to the national, and eventually, global stage. To do this, we not only need to build our brand on a local scale (through the magazine and our social media), we also need to show PakMag is a voice of authority in the parenting space nationally. And there are two ways we’ll do this; 1) we’ll provide the best content, freebies, discounts and prizes to families all over Australia and 2) We’ll build Bree’s personal profile to show the world just how credible we are in this space, much like Mia Freedman or Constance Hall.

But why does your support matter? Well, PakMag as a brand is able to run as a result of family-friendly businesses choosing the magazine, the website, or our social media to promote their products or services through paid mediums. But without us proving that we are loved in the community, by you, they’d have no reason to choose us. This is where we need your help!

So how you can support PakMag in this next step of our journey?

Digital proof counts a LOT in business. Not only is PakMag in an industry that competes with Google, Facebook, TV, Radio and all other media, we’re also competing with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Kerry Packer who have an endless supply of money… and huge social media proof.

We certainly don’t have that (yet), and realistically we sometimes have to choose between giving someone a job or whether we invest in new office chairs. So we need you, our loyal NQ readers to help us BIG TIME to grow our social status globally. “I’ve been nervous to take this next step,” Bree says. “But I so badly want to help parents raise incredible kids and provide resources, tips and advice to more than just NQ, so I hope you can help us and embrace this step with us.”

Here is a checklist of everything we would LOVE your help with if you are a parent who wants a chance to win prizes, learn, and have fun!

Digital Check List

  • Head to and sign up to PakClub. This is a FREE club for parents who want to stay up to date, receive offers, discounts and more. PLUS, you’ll get access to our digital publication, “PakMag” which features celebrity interviews, great prizes and discounts.
  • On Instagram, follow “breegjames” (Bree’s business account), “pakmag_aus” (PakMag’s national account) and “pakmag_fnq” (PakMag’s account for our NQ readers).
  • On YouTube, subscribe to “Bree TV” (for Bree’s look at the parenting and business world), “PakMag TV” (for amazing videos for parents and kids) and “Parents and Kids of North Queensland” (for local videos)
  • Join Our “Give it A Go Group-for parents” group on Facebook. This is for parents looking for inspiration and advice on things they want to give a go, from travel to recipes and parenting techniques.
  • Follow “PakMag” on Pinterest.
  • Follow “PakMag” on Facebook – this is our global page for parents, as well as “PakMag Townsville”.
  • Rate us on “PakMag Townsville”, and “PakMag” on Facebook, leave us a testimonial about how we help you or what you love about our platforms.
  • Like the new “Bree James” Facebook page.

Real World Check List

  • If you visit one of our advertisers, let them know “I read it in PakMag”.
  • If you visit ANY business in town, ask them, “Do you offer a bonus for PakMag readers?”
  • Snap a picture: if you’re at a local event, doing something in the local community or you see something that PakMag readers should know about, snap a picture and send it to us by using #pakmag share on Instagram or by sending us a message via your local PakMag Facebook page.

If you have an interest in business or entrepreneurship:

  • Like the new “Bree James” Facebook page.
  • Follow Bree James on LinkedIn.
  • Follow “breegjames” and “Parentpreneur_mob” on Instagram.
  • Subscribe to the Bree James blog (head to
  • Subscribe to Bree’s YouTube channel, “Bree TV”.
  • Follow “The Business Over Breakfast Podcast” that Bree co-hosts with Australia’s #1 business author Andrew Griffiths (Search in your podcast App and “follow” the podcast).
  • If you are a parent and a business owner, join the new Facebook group “Parentpreneur – For the Brave Raising A Business & A Family”. It’s a place where you can ask for tips and advice on business and family with likeminded Parentpreneurs.

Some of these are brand new, so there are zero followers at this stage, so please invite your friends and help us reach our targets in no time!

Extra tips and hints for the ultra keen and ultra helpful!

  • Facebook: ensure you are “following” our pages and groups not just “liking” it, Facebook constantly changes algorithms, so if you “follow” and put on notifications, you won’t miss any of our posts, and we won’t have to give more money to Facebook that doesn’t stay in our community.
  • Add and to your safe senders list on your email, then you won’t miss our special deals, information and competitions. We promise not to spam you!
  • Comment, like, share, participate and offer help on all of our social media channels! We have plenty of great content. Got a family member visiting? Send them the link to our NQ Family Travel Guide. Someone having a baby? Send them the link to our NQ Baby & Toddler Guide. Someone new to town? Tell them to pick up a PakMag and do the above. Share our videos, comment, tag – it all helps.
  • Submit a story about your family. Our new “Families of PakMag” series features families from all across Australia and we’d love to feature you (head to
  • Submit your interest in being a cover star (head to
  • Join us as an ambassador, if you LOVE PakMag and want to be part of what we do, head to and apply.
  • Use these hashtags when you post on social media if you want us to share your content:

For parents – #pakmag, #pakmagshare, #pakmagparent
For Business owners – #parentpreneurshare, #parentpreneurmob, #breejames

Check out this story in our online mag for handy clickable links to all of the above steps.

Thanks so much if you did one or all of these things. We really appreciate it!