Kylie Ashley-Cooper: Owner of Little Snappers Swim School Riverway

What I love about owning and operating a Little Snappers Swim School is that we are boutique and private. Our program is modern, award-winning and we focus on safety skills, but we do this through fun. Best of all, we teach children a love and respect for water.

Recently my long-time swimming mentor, Chris Dellit, offered me an opportunity to open a Little Snappers Swim School in Rasmussen. Chris and her son Mark Dalle Cort, formerly of the Cowboys, have developed a specialised program that incorporates child development principles through a philosophy of ‘love and laughter’.

As a mum to a very busy 18-month-old, I understand the importance of water safety for children and how crucial it is to begin formal lessons at an early age. I particularly love the initiative we have here on providing free lessons for two and three-month-old newborns. There is no greater gift you can give a child than teaching them to swim. And there is no greater gift for me than seeing the joy swimming can bring to a child.


Denise Paxton: Owner of Little Snappers Swim School Northside

There have been many different philosophies at each school I have taught at over the last 25 years, but my own personal philosophy of teaching from the heart is the same as Little Snappers’. This gentle way of teaching has always been natural for me, and I’m so honoured to be spreading this message to Townsville families through the award-winning Little Snappers program at my centre in Deeragun.

One of the most important aspects of the Little Snappers program is the smaller class sizes. With only three to a class for Learn to Swim and four per class for babies and toddlers, it allows my teachers and I one on one time with each student, maximising progress and results.

And, the unique certificate program that we offer allows parents to track and monitor progress throughout their child’s journey at interactive parent kiosks. I love seeing a child with their first swimming certificate. Often a swimming certificate is the first a child will have in their life, which makes my job even more special.