Owlet Smart Sock V3 – Keeping Babies Safe

Close up of sleeping baby's feet with the Owlet Smart Sock on left foot

Keeping Your Baby Safe with the Smart Sock

The majority of people know, whether they’re parent or not, just how fragile babies are and how important their health is. It can be daunting as a parent to leave your baby in peace as they sleep, especially overnight, without checking in on them every 30 minutes (we’re looking at all of you anxious mums and dads!). Fortunately, the brand Owlet knows all too well that it’s important to feel that your baby is safe at all times. To help parents in their new journey, they have recently redesigned their Smart Sock –an amazing device that allows you to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels as they sleep.

How the Owlet Smart Sock Works

This new third generation of Owlet Smart Socks – goes well beyond the capabilities of baby monitors. It is the first baby monitor to track both your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep, all without getting in the way of comfort.

It does this by using pulse-oximetry technology that is proven to be both accurate and safe for your little one. By connecting it to the Owlet App on your device, it allows you to view real-time readings without even needing to enter the room that baby is in. Plus, it can be difficult to keep track of how well your baby is sleeping overall and for how long, if you’re not getting much sleep yourself (and what parent of a baby is!).

The sock makes it much easier for you by measuring baby’s sleep trends, including the total number of hours slept, the number of times they woke up, their overall sleep quality and more. All of this can be checked on the app at any time that baby is wearing the sock and the Owlet app will make sure to notify you when any of the readings leave the ‘safe” zone.

Made for Convenience

The Owlet Sock’s battery lasts a whopping 16 hours after being charged and a quick charge is available for the baby naps. Tired of unnecessary wires being everywhere like we are? The sock has convenient drop-and-go charge on the Base Station. Most importantly; It’s not uncomfortable to wear and fits any baby from 0 – 18 months old, up to 30 pounds (or just over 13 kg’s)!

Phone with owlet app open next to the smart sock and the base charger


Owlet Smart sock app open on phone that sits on a table next to the Owlet Smart Sock Charger which is on, shown by a light that's on it

Baby’s Health Comes First: Why the Smart Sock Is So Beneficial 

Your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate are two of the best indicators of their health and it’s important to be notified as soon as something is wrong. By using the Owlet Smart Sock, you can actively monitor oxygen levels and heart rate. For parents, who are often already tired, anxious, and so completely in love with their little one that they can’t focus on much else (we’ve been there…), the sock provides a much-needed freedom and comfort.

It’s still important to physically go check on your baby when sleeping – and who can resist taking a peek at their adorable-ness as they dream? But this technology means parents everywhere can rest easy with greater confidence and more freedom in their day, knowing that your baby is safe even when you are not in the same room. It can help reduce the number of times you feel compelled to go make sure baby is okay, potentially risking waking them up. Phew!

At PakMag we are all about anything that makes a parent’s life easier and reduces stress – and the Owlet Smart Sock is definitely one of them. You can read all about the award-winning device’s nifty little abilities on the Owlet Website