Outdoor activities to do with your kids


Looking for something to do with the little ones after school or during the weekends? Ditch the iPad addiction and get outside with these ideas. Here are five ideas for outdoor fun, all for the cheap grand total of $58.

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Hit Golf Balls

Head to the driving range as a family and hit a bucket of balls. This is great fun and a great way to introduce little ones to the world of golf. My six-year-old recently discovered the sport and loved this outing.

If you don’t really trust your children around a golf course, then head to an open area and let them practice their swing.

Cost: about $6 for a bucket of balls at the driving range

Go Fishing

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Take a chair, an esky of cold drinks, a fishing rod, a tackle box and some bait and you’re ready for an adventure. We have yet to catch anything but sitting by a creek or ocean watching the water is so peaceful and fun for everyone. Ah. The Serenity.

Cost: about $7 for some bait if you want to pay for it (or else just bring cheese, bread or dig for worms)

Go Boating

Don’t have a spare $25,000 lying around to buy a boat? That’s cool. All you need is a blow-up one. Then head to one of the local creeks, blow it up, paddle around, have a swim and enjoy an afternoon of ‘boating’. Again, we did this the other day and it was an absolute blast.

Cost: About $25 for a blow up boat from KMart

Go Four-Wheel-Driving

If you have a four-wheel drive, then this is a great way to spend an afternoon. Just make sure you know the trails before you head out.

Cost: $20 for fuel most likely

Get on your Bike

outdoor act

And go for a family bike ride through the trails.

Cost: Free provided you have bikes

What do you and your little ones get up to on the weekends and after school?


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