Online Coding Classes with Whitehat Jr.

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Technology use is more common than ever before in history right now, particularly in our younger generations. WhiteHat Jr. have taken on the task of helping kids become creators of technology instead of consumers of it. By embracing this STEAM education, WhiteHat Jr. are providing our young people with skills that expand their future opportunities in careers involving coding – an ever-growing field in today’s world.

WhiteHat Jr. teach the fundamentals of coding in a way that’s perfect for children to understand – through a variety of online coding courses suitable for Grades 1 through to Grade 10 and beyond. Young kids and teenagers can learn all things logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking. This enables them to create their very own apps, websites and animation.

Despite how often children are using technology daily, less than 1 per cent of schools teach coding in early childhood.

This creates a gap that’s hard to bridge between modern day jobs and the skills required for these jobs in our children. Not to mention that many children enjoy technology as a hobby, whether it be through playing games online, using social media, learning and more. Fortunately, young people don’t have to plan for a career in technology to take WhiteHat Jr. coding classes. A simple interest in the world of coding and tech is enough to enjoy the curriculum. All children can have fun and learn a significant amount of important skills. 

All classes are taught one to one, live, in the comfort of your own home. They range from App Development, to Advanced Programming and eventually Building Your Own Company classes. Children will learn the basics of coding, how to create animations, apps and websites and how to manipulate data using programming languages. Overall, their problem-solving skills will be strengthened. In fact, already over 1 million students are certified by WhiteHat Jr., with 1,630,000 classes taken, 2,500,000 students registered in total and 7,000 registered teachers. Students are showing their talents by creating apps that solve problems. There are currently 750,000 kids projects running! 

Parents can book a free trial class for their child online through both the WhiteHat Jr. website and the WhiteHat Jr. class booking App, available  on both Google Play and App Store.

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