Ocean Park – A Must Do in Hong Kong


Ocean Park would have to be one of the best theme parks I have ever been to.

Located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, the park covers more than 91.5 hectares of land. It is absolutely massive! There are two attraction areas – the Waterfront and the Summit. The park officially opened in 1977 and it has a place in China’s heart as one of the best tourist attractions to visit. The park has been featured in many Asian movies and is seen as somewhere famous to go.

The Waterfront is the entrance side of the park which has the aquarium and many animals to see, and the Summit is the ride side of the park where you will find all the jaw dropping rollercoasters (plus there are more animals to see here too!) The park is that large that you need to catch the cable car (highly recommended!) or the Ocean Express train and tunnel to get from one side to the other.

The rides close earlier at certain times of the year, so I recommend starting on the summit side of the island first by catching the cable car over. The cable car ride was amazing. The views are spectacular and it really shows the beauty of Hong Kong. There are so many rides to try and we wish we had more time to go on all of them!

Here are a few of our picks:

The Hair Raiser Rollercoaster at Thrill Mountain (not one for kids under 10) would have to be one of the best rollercoasters I have ever been on. With three loops and the most amazing views, this is a must for thrill seekers.

The Abyss was another favourite over in Marine World. It is a huge tower that takes you to the top and drops you to the bottom (like the Tower of Terror at Goldcoast’s Dreamworld).


The Arctic Blast was a great rollercoaster for the kids- scary but not too scary. They really enjoyed it.

Besides spectacular rides, Ocean Park prides itself on its animal attractions. Ocean Park does animals differently to most other parks that I have seen.

There is a strong focus on the welfare of the animals, research, education and, of course, conservation.  They exceed world standards and have a very unique collection of animals ranging from insects, fish (massive collection of goldfish), birds, marine mammals, pandas and much more.

Education was a very common and strong thread through all of our interactions with animals at the park. They have over 60 educators that act as animal ambassadors to teach visitors the importance of animal conservation.

I am one that usually feels quite conflicted seeing animals in captivity, but the way my boys were educated about them and seeing all of the animals looking really healthy was a beautiful experience.

We were very lucky to have a private tour of the Marine, Mammal Breeding and Research Centre. My boys were educated about the impact of plastics on the ocean, and even made a pledge to not use plastic straws anymore. I was really impressed by their passion and what they were teaching us. My kids got to learn about these animals and, more importantly, how to protect them for future generations.

So if you are looking for a thrill seeking, fun, educational and simply wonderful day- I would go back to Ocean Park in a heartbeat.

Hot Tips

  • Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in the park.
  • Hire a stroller for little legs (we did for our four year old!) It’s a very large park and having a stroller for the kids’ stuff (and themselves) was certainly handy. You can bring it on the Cable Car and pretty much everywhere around the park.
  • Hire a locker as well. If you can, offload a few items like jumpers to lighten your load. There are also Mobile Phone Charging lockers around should you forget your portable charger and need a charge. No chords required.
  • And, finally, wear sunscreen, a hat and very comfortable shoes, and bring your sense of adventure. You’re in for a day of action-packed fun!