New Year New Skills - Adult Education

January is all about New Year’s resolutions and starting fresh. Sticking to your resolutions isn’t as simple as some people make it seem; quitting chocolate for some just isn’t that realistic! However, not all resolutions need to be about quitting. In 2018, why not have resolutions that’ll make you much happier than quitting chocolate? Make a resolution to learn something new.

Here are some options that may just inspire a new resolution for you:

First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Learning first aid and CPR is really something that everyone should do. Not only will you learn skills that could make all the difference in somebody’s life in a time of need, for some jobs it is actually a requirement to hold a first aid certificate.


Perhaps you love food but are bored with your repertoire of recipes (aren’t we all). Cooking classes are an excellent way to expand your family’s menu options. Be inspired and learn new skills that will help you to create more scrumptious and nutritious meals. Your family’s health starts with you!

Aged Care

Working in aged care and assisting with the specific needs of the elderly is incredibly rewarding. Gaining skills for this growth industry could see you making a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable members of our community.

Hairdressing and Beauty

If making other people happy by making them look great, makes you happy, then this is for you. Gain skills that will improve your self-esteem, by learning how to make yourself look your best, and that could also lead to a new career. You could even start your own business from home with these skills.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

An RSA qualification is an incredibly popular course as it is required in many work environments. Learn how to responsibly serve alcohol, identifying customers to whom service may be refused and much more. A great course if you might be considering a job in the hospitality industry soon, and having this qualification means you’re a multi-skilled employee who is more desirable to employers.

Massage Therapy

Learn skills that will give you the ability to help family and friends out with injuries and chronic pain issues. Whether for yourself or for a career, this course will have everyone asking you to work your magic.

There are so many options available so make sure you choose a course that really interests you and is delivered in a way that suits your life situation. Many offer online options so you can study from home too.

So, whether you’re looking to learn for personal growth or are wanting skills to advance your career, take the leap this year and study something new because you just never know where it might take you.