My encounter with school sores

Three weeks ago, I noticed a small mozzie bite on my son’s bottom. This was nothing new to me as living in the tropics, mozzie bites are a given. Fast forward to 24 hours later, and I noticed that his entire bottom was covered in spots. Upon closer inspection, I also noticed that the mozzie bites appeared to be angry and inflamed.

“Your son has Impetigo, otherwise known as school sores”, the doctor explained, and a feeling of dread overwhelmed me. School sores are something that were very new to our household, however having many friends with children, I was very familiar with what was to come.

School sores is an infection of the skin; the sores develop when a common germ gets into a cut or broken skin. In this case, my son’s sores were already badly infected and required a course of oral antibiotics.

The next seven to ten days was a strict routine, consisting of antibiotics (four times a day), a good soaking in the bath for at least 15-20 minutes with an antiseptic solution twice a day, and covering all his sores with a bandage to stop further spreading.

To avoid the spreading of school sores, in particular, to my other two boys, I washed everyone’s towels and bedding and hoped that I wasn’t too late.

A family discussion about the importance of hygiene followed. We discussed how vital washing of hands before and after meals and toileting are, as these are common causes of how germs spread. We also had a “what can happen when we ‘pick’ at sores” discussion too.

I am thankful to say that they did not spread to any other family members and our house is now school sore free.

School sores though unsightly aren’t dangerous but they are highly contagious so if you notice any small, red, round spots which form into blisters (over 2-3 days), make an appointment to see your local GP to determine whether your child has Impetigo.

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