Musical memories with these clever crafts

Looking for some easy ways to bring music to your little ones? Connie Johnson from Music for Tots has shared a few of her favourite musical instruments to help introduce your kids to the world of music.

Percussion Block

You need: Wooden block, flat wooden dowel, sandpaper, paint, paint brushes, glue, drill and a saw

To make: Saw your wooden block and dowel down to the right size and use the sandpaper to remove any roughness. Paint the wooden flat pieces, let dry and then glue to the top of the block. Next carve out a hole in the back of the block using a large drill bit.

Mini Mandolin

You need: embroidery hoops, sandpaper, paint, paint brush, polycyrlic finish, foam brush, rubber bands

To make: Separate your embroidery hoops and lightly sand before painting the outermost rim. Let dry, paint again, apply a layer of Polycrylic finish with a foam brush. Wrap the rubber bands around the inner circle of the hoops, nest inside the outside hoop so the bands are perpendicular to the screw and tighten the screw.

Bell Shakers

You need: A dowel, pencil, drill, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brushes and Polycrylic Finish and 12 jingle bells

To make: Saw your dowel in two and drill three holes in each dowel. Paint dowels, dry and coat with Polycrylic Finish. Thread pipe cleaners through the holes, attach a bell and twist the pipe cleaner to hold in place. Repeat for all the bells so there are six on each dowel.

Little Tin Can Drum

You need: tin cans, leather, decorative fabric, leather laces, Crop-a-dile, wooden dowel and ball, hot glue gun, and cotton.

To make: Cut your fabric to fit around your tin can and glue in place. Lay out your leather and trace around the can. Use a Crop-a-dile (or large needle) to punch holes out, then run the lace through the holes. Repeat the steps until the drum is complete. Insert wooden dowel into the wooden ball and glue cotton over the ball to create your drum sticks.

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