The word ‘mum’ is so small, yet its meaning is so big.
Becoming a mother gave me a higher appreciation of the woman’s role in a relationship, especially the working mother. It is the start of a journey that can bring immense joy, pride and happiness, but can also bring worries and challenges. Most mums work things out as they go along and grow into their role throughout time. The most important thing mothers can do is make sure their child/children feel loved, safe and secure whilst we watch them grow into their personalities and independence.

I absolutely loved receiving the handpicked flowers from the garden and the handmade cards and gifts my children made for me at home and throughout primary school. These are the most special gifts a mother can be given from their child as it comes from their instinctive emotion of love for their ‘mum’. I’m certain all mums reading this, have a special place in the house for these precious gifts from the heart. My mother is the most amazing woman who has guided me through many moments of my life to date, including the moment I became a mother nearly 21 years ago. I give thanks and appreciation to my mum and all the mums, for the hard work that goes unpaid, you deserve all the love and respect you get, and so much more.

This is a poem I came across, I’d thought I’d share:
A Mother is a gift from God, just like you were too. She is always behind you, no matter what you do. She’d stay up at night, to watch you fall asleep. Her concern for you, runs so very deep. She was your first teacher, her job to show you how. She was there for you then, and believes in you now. Her love is unconditional, to that there is no end. And as you get older, she becomes more like a friend. She is always sensitive to your needs, she just has that special touch. It’s no wonder then mum, why you are loved so much!
(Karen A. Cira)

Wishing all you amazing mum’s a wonderful day on this special occasion, Mother’s Day!