From ink to iPads and from blackboards to interactive whiteboards, Millaa Milaa State School is gearing up to celebrate a very rich 100 years of history at its centenary in September 2018.

Nearing a century of its existence, this prominent and vibrant small rural school continues to be important in educating local children as well as drawing families and the wider community together.

A lot of things have changed in the last 100 years at the Millaa Millaa State School but one thing that hasn’t is the way that former students feel about the school.

The school has always been a winner with students, teachers, parents and staff.

Former students have succeeded in all areas of life with some having participated in and having won  at  State, Australian and World class events.

‘Herd’ about the Millaa Millaa State School’s Centenary in September 2018? Former student Shannon Reynolds at the School’s 2011 Calf Day, one of the events which makes Millaa Millaa State School special and unique. Photo: Brigitte Daley

It’s all happening and a sensational weekend of  School Centenary celebrations is guaranteed for the weekend of the 29th and 30th September, 2018. Full marks for remembering these dates!

People have been busily working on School Centenary activities to make it the best ever, and are delighted to report that there will be a full day of activities at the school on Saturday 29 September, followed by a School Centenary Dinner at the RSL Hall at night and Farewell Breakfast & Morning Markets back at the school on Sunday morning 30 September, 2018. Remember to chalk up these dates on your calendar!

This school means so much to people that some classes are already planning their own get-togethers on Friday 28th September and Sunday afternoon, 30th September, 2018. Get in contact with your old school friends and make it happen for your class as well!

A much anticipated School Centenary Book  is now available for sale. Please contact the school if you are interested in purchasing one. So when you are catching up with family and friends make sure you mention the Millaa Millaa State School’s Centenary to them.

You’ll be surprised at how many people have attended the Millaa Millaa State School or previous Millaa Millaa Schools.

There’s sure to be some great yarns and fond memories to be shared of former school days, so make it one of the principal things that you will be planning to attend in 2018!

For further details including School Centenary Dinner bookings and Book and merchandise orders please contact Millaa Millaa State School.

Ph: 0740 972 167.


Feature image courtesy of Brigitte Daley. Sisters Amy and Zoe Tranter at the Millaa Millaa State School’s 2011 Calf Day held in honour of the town’s centenary. Amy and Zoe are great grand daughters of Mr Henry Tranter who turned 100 in July this year and was a past pupil of the school himself.