Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should not only be the place you go to rest your body, but where you feel relaxed and where you can recharge for the next day. So here are our top tips to achieving a blissful bedroom retreat.

Declutter often. For some reason the bedroom seems to accumulate stuff quickly – clothing that needs to be put away (or binned), books and artwork your kids bring home from school, electrical chargers and so much more. To achieve a better night’s sleep and simply go to bed feeling stress-free, keep your bedroom as clutter-free as possible.

Choose soft palette colours. Soft colours, such as light blues, whites, lime greens and pinks are perfect for bedrooms as they can brighten it up and make the room feel light and airy. Adding a few cushions, a rug or curtains in a matching colour can also add a bit of harmony to your bedroom.

Play around with lighting. Everyone is different when it comes to the right lighting for their specific needs. Some people prefer to keep a candle aglow as a mood setter before bed while others prefer a night lamp or even LED lights to help bring in a bit of a glow.

Avoid using your bedroom as your charging station.  Having your mobile phone on your bedside comes with a number of downfalls. Not only is it harder to fall asleep after playing around on your phone but it can be harmful to your relationship. While you recharge at night, let your phone, iPad and other electrical devices recharge in the living room.

Add some plant life. There are so many health benefits to having plants inside – they can purify your air, reduce carbon dioxide levels and remove toxins from the environment (including benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene).