Roar! Your little one will sleep soundly in preparation for their next adventure in the Luca Lion adventure-themed kids’ room. This cosy theme is sure to bring a piece of the wilderness into your family home.

Camp out… indoors – After a long day of exploring the great outdoors, they can settle down in a daring hideout bed. Together with the Canvas Canopy package, your little one will feel as if they’re on safari every time they climb into bed. Not only will this concept encourage bedtime, it doubles as a great addition during playtime. This bed is sure to also take your story time sessions up a notch.

Great greenery – To really ignite your child’s imagination and bring the feel of the jungle into the room, position some plants around the room. A plastic palm will do the trick. It looks beautiful and you won’t need to water it. Win-win.

If you can’t find room for plants, there are other ways to bring the jungle into your home. Why not opt for several plant-themed decorations, such as a pillow?

In the jungle, the mighty jungle – Your little explorer’s bedroom isn’t complete without a few animal friends. Decorate the room with various animal decorations and, of course, Luca Lion himself (or a cosy throw, floor cushion, or rug).